Mount Baw Baw - Places to See

Walking in the Park
The park is ideal for summer bushwalks, offering both shorter and more arduous tracks, including Victoria's first long-distance walking track, cut by the Public Works Department in 1906 between Walhalla and Warburton. The highest of the park's granite plateaus is Mount St Phillick, at 1566 metres. Panoramic views and botanical diversity are on offer, including colourful wildflowers, alpine ash, a rare club moss, and two species of fauna only found in this area, the Baw Baw frog and a type of Leadbeater's possum, as well as lyrebirds, echidnas, platypuses, gliders, wallabies, goannas and a variety of birds. Mount Erica was in fact named after the Baw Baw berry, a species of the Erica genus of shrubs. Horse riding and camping are available and both trout fishing and canoeing can be enjoyed on the Thomson River.

General Accommodation Enquiries
If you have any need to ascertain whether the lodges listed below are private or can be booked, or you have any other general enquiries about accommodation at the site, you should contact the Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort Management Board (the details are below) as they are fully equipped to handle such enquiries.