High times ... a Falls Creek sunset.

Snowy pursuits

If you don't fancy skiing or snowboarding, there are many other activities in the mountains, writes Sue Wallace.

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Summit Ridge Falls Creek

Fine fare on a high

After working up a hunger on the slopes, Kay O'Sullivan takes a look at this season's indulgent apres-ski options.

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Scenic routes ... fog shrouds the Mount Buller west ridge walk.

Take it all in your stride

Patricia Maunder discovers wild coastline and waterfalls while tackling three of the state's hiking trails.

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Riding high ... picking up pace on the trail.

Hairpins by pedal

Craig Tansley discovers speed and snowgums on a mountain bike ride along the Delatite River Trail.

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Steep thrills ... pushing past a chairlift at Mount Buller.

An uphill challenge

Andrew Bain sits behind a Tour de France veteran on the hairpins of the high country.

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Soft-shoe shuffle

On snowshoes, Raymond Gill discovers the greener sides of a mountain ski resort.

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Oishii-Go, lounge bar in Silverski Lodge, Falls Creek

Toddies and tabletops

From a quiet drink to late-night dancing, there's apres action to go around, writes Rachael Oakes-Ash.

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