Mount Hotham - Places to See

In summer, when the grassy plains above the tree line of mountain ash and snow gum are adorned with wildflowers, the mountain's walking tracks are popular with bushwalkers, particularly the trek across the Razorback to Mount Feathertop. The Alpine walking track cuts through the village on its passage northwards. Others lead to the Noggerheads, the Red Robin Mine and Mount Fainter. The Mountain Pygmy Possum, thought to have been extinct until its rediscovery in 1966, inhabits the area. This nocturnal animal is unique among marsupials due to its habit of storing food and hibernating. There are a number of brochures available. Contact the offices of Parks Victoria and Natural Resources & Environment at 46 Bakers Gully Rd, Bright for more information. Tel: (03) 5755 1577.

Wildtrek Winter Classic Endurathon
Each July, the Wildtrek Winter Classic Endurathon attracts hundreds of competitors. The 135-km course incorporates cycling on icy roads, plunging through snow and freezing rivers, skiing on obscure alpine tracks and canoeing through turbulent rapids in icy rivers, winding around Mount Hotham, Omeo and the Dinner Plains, the latter being named by bullock drivers who found the level, well-drained surface an appropriate site for setting up camp.

Dinner Plains
Dinner Plains is 11 km south-east of Hotham Heights. Each week of the ski season, a 3-km race is held through the village at twilight. The Dinner Plains Resort was designed as a total Australian concept, inspired by the early cattlemen's huts and built of Australian materials. Dinner Plain Central Reservations can be contacted on (1800) 670 019. Wildflowers House offers 'boutique accommodation' all year round, tel: (03) 5159 6400.

Horseriding is available from Dinner Plain Trail Rides, tel: (03) 5159 6445. Summer Alpine Walks can be contacted on (03) 5159 6556.