Munich, Germany: Expert expat Will Hodgett's travel tips

Will Hodgett is the co-founder and director of Two Palms Media Europe. Originally from Sydney's northern beaches, he was on a spontaneous road trip across America with a few mates when he got a job offer out of the blue to work for GoPro in Munich in 2014. He has been here ever since.


The Englischer Garten is a perfect little escape in the centre of the city. It's like the Central Park of Munich, but full of beautiful beer gardens, cafes, places to relax and also the Eisbach, Munich's river wave, which is packed with surfers and draws a big crowd day and night. It's pretty cool – you can rent a wetsuit and board from one of the multiple surf shops in Munich and spend a day in the centre of the city surfing, believe it or not!


The Isar River is surrounded by beautiful scenery and runs through the centre of Munich. This is your prime activity spot, with either side of the river packed with excellent running and bike trails as well as ample space for a game of expat cricket.


Caspar Plautz is hidden on the southside of the Viktualienmarkt, and at first looks like a bunch of cool German hipsters selling potatoes, until you see the artform that is their food. The food tastes great and the hospitality is so nice. I first went a few months back, and somehow the guys remembered my name and started to call out to me every time they saw me around the markets "Hey Will!" It's crazy. But it got me going back! It's got such a vibrant energy – everyone sits on ledges and milk crates around the shop chatting and eating potatoes. See


I can't go past Robinsons Bar near the infamous Gartnerplatz roundabout. This grungy skate/dive bar reminds me of my friends back home; the vibe is a bit of a rarity around Munich. On summer nights, people flock to the area to create a street party atmosphere around the roundabout, enjoying rounds of beer or gin and tonics. See



Avoid thinking you can rely on your credit card. There's still quite an old-school cash economy around Munich, and some bars, restaurants and taxi drivers won't be happy if you don't have any cash in your wallet. Also, avoid ordering a small beer… it's pretty frowned upon to order anything less than 500ml!


Beer gardens and a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand here, and the Bavarian attitude towards work/life balance has really grown on me. On long, hot summer evenings, everyone is out of the office at 5pm and in the beer gardens till late. I love this "making the most out of every moment of sunshine" feeling I get around the city. When the sun's out the whole city and River Isar come alive.