A houseboat on the Murray River near Meningie

Meningie - Places to See

Meningie (including Narrung)
Pleasant holiday town on the beautiful shores of Lake Albert.
Located 152 km south-east of Adelaide on the shores of Lake Albert, Meningie is a charming holiday destination at the northern end of The Coorong. The large number of parks beside the lake, the reeds and the large numbers of birds, all combine to make it a town of particular beauty.

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Lake Bonney a few Kilometres east of Kingston

Kingston-on-Murray - Places to See

Kingston-on-Murray (including Moorook)
Small township on the Murray River
Kingston-on-Murray is a small township (population around 300) located 214 km north-east of Adelaide on the mighty Murray River. It lies in the heart of a rich agricultural district and the area around the town is characterised by vineyards and orchards. The town is important as one of the major Murray River crossing points and it was common for cars and trucks to be waiting for the ferry on both sides of the river. This changed when a new bridge was constructed taking the Sturt Highway around the edge of the town.

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Drying apricots at Loxton

Loxton - Places to See

Substantial service centre on the Murray River notable for its excellent historic village.
Loxton is located 255 km east of Adelaide and 14 m above sea level on the banks of the Murray River. Loxton is a large and attractive modern town with very few old buildings or even moderately old buildings. The streets are wide and the Loxton Soldiers Memorial is a very impressive rotunda at the top of the hill above the river in the town's main street. The main street winds down the hill past the Loxton Hotel/Motel and is characterised by a park in the huge median strip.

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The railway Station at Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge - Places to See

Murray Bridge
Large rural service centre on the Murray River
Located 78 km from Adelaide, Murray Bridge is the major centre on the Murray River north of Lake Alexandra. It is a large town of 17,000 people and is 26 metres above sea level. It is a typical sprawling rural centre with a grain silo on the skyline and vegetable gardens, hothouses and light industry surrounding the town centre.

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The ferry across the Murray near Morgan

Morgan - Places to See

Historic port on the 'Great Bend' of the Murray River.
Located 165 km north-east of Adelaide, Morgan is situated on a bend in the Murray River which is variously known as the 'North West Bend', 'Great Bend' or 'Great Elbow'. There are two ways to enter Morgan from the south. At Cadell it says 13 kms to Morgan on an unsealed road or 19 kms on a sealed road. The sealed road reaches a ferry across the Murray a few kilometres before Morgan. The unsealed road comes to a ferry at Morgan. Both trips well worth taking.

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The Big Orange ouside Berri.


Berri (including Glossop, Monash and Winkie)
Citrus growing area famous for Berri Orange Juice.
Located 236 km north east of Adelaide and 31 metres above sea level, Berri is a substantial service centre on the banks of the Murray River. In the era after World War II, it become associated with the huge Berri wine and orange juice factory, which produces a significant proportion of the country's orange juice.

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Children fishing on Lake Bonney, Barmera


Attractive service town on the shores of Lake Bonney
Located 221 km north east of Adelaide and 29 metres above sea level on the shores of Lake Bonney, Barmera is a substantial service centre for the surrounding citrus, vineyard and orchard area.

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The Printing Museum


Border town in the heart of the Mallee wheat and sheep area.
Located 243 km east of Adelaide, Pinnaroo is a rural service town located near the border between South Australia and Victoria. It is the railhead and its inevitable grain loading facilities define the town's function as a service town for the surrounding wheat and sheep district.

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