My dream destinations: Playwright Joanna Murray-Smith

MY ONE DREAM DESTINATION IS STILL … Paris. It is, I hope, equally a part of my past and my future. I like the intoxication of its beauty, its walkability, the presence of its history in every view and that I know it well. I first visited as a 15-year-old with my mother, an exhilarating travelling companion because she was alive to wonder in everything: art, food, beauty, literature, music and she was indefatigable in spreading the joy.

WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER I'M DREAMING OF VISITING … London and Portugal. If I'm in London, it will mean my new play, Berlin, which has been optioned by a British theatre, will finally be on. Portugal because I have another play there and I love going places I've never been. In both cases, I'm excited at the thought that "aliveness" is possible again, both in the physical theatre and in the less-tangible spirit.

MY DREAM TRAVEL BUBBLE DESTINATION IS … My family is addicted to Tokyo, the closest we'll get to outer space. Last year, my husband and I went alone and spent every night dee-jay bar-hopping through Shibuya's tiny, exquisite bars, hidden in the Escher-like puzzle of buildings and alleyways. Then we had a couple of nights at the Park Hyatt, role-playing a soigne couple totally at home in the best hotel in the world.

MY DREAM DOMESTIC DESTINATION IS … Kakadu and the Kimberley. My son and I took the Ghan to Darwin and spent some time in Kakadu, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I'm keen to revisit with the rest of the family and go on to the Kimberley to explore the rock art there. I've been to the Northern Hemisphere a hundred times but right here is one of the most extraordinary and affecting cultures on Earth.

MY DREAM DOMESTIC TRIP SO FAR HAS BEEN ... More than 50 trips to the wilderness of Bass Strait, a heroic landscape, a refuge for family and friends and zero "connectivity" other than the old-fashioned type. It's always my dream domestic trip. As soon as the boat part is over.

Joanna Murray Smith's new play Berlin will premiere at Melbourne Theatre Company from April 17. See