My favourite getaway: Duncan Welgemoed

Head chef and proprietor of Africola Resturant in Adelaide Duncan Welgemoed shares his favourite getaway spot.

What's your go-to weekend away?

Basket Range in the Adelaide Hills. It is its own little microcosm. It's almost like being in Europe. And in the summer it's cool, lush, green and very wild.

Where do you stay?

I usually camp in someone's backyard in Ashton, or in the range itself. I go with [winemaker] Taras Ochota of Ochota Barrels.

Why do you love it?

I cook a big lunch on the fire pit or smoker and all the boys and girls come down from the range and show off their latest vintage. It keeps going all night.

What's your go-to eatery?

Lost in a Forest in Uraidla and the nearby Summertown Aristologist. Lost in a Forest has great pizzas, sick wines, great people and a nice place to relax and enjoy really good food, and probably the best natural wine list in the state.


Best coffee?

Summertown Aristologist. They roast their own.

What does a quick getaway mean to you?

It's a time to take stock, reflect and hang out with your mates and your family.