My favourite getaway: Lance 'Buddy' Franklin

Sydney Swans AFL player Lance 'Buddy' Franklin shares his favourite getaway spot.

What's your go-to weekend away destination?

One of my favourite places to get away for a weekend is Nelson Bay, in the Hunter region of NSW.

Favourite local secret?

The scenic drive. As soon as you get out of the city, you immediately feel more relaxed and start to unwind.

A favourite memory?

The first time I went to Nelson Bay was the day after I got married. We didn't feel like getting on a plane or going anywhere too far; we wanted somewhere relaxed and close to the beach, where we could unwind for a couple of days and just take everything in before we went on our honeymoon. We swam, enjoyed breakfast at the local cafes and explored all of the beautiful beaches. A highlight for us was sitting on the balcony in the afternoon enjoying a drink and watching the sun go down.

How often do you get there?

We've been back a few times since. We'll continue to go there whenever we need a mini-break.