My favourite getaway: Matthew Evans

Gourmet Farmer's Matthew Evans shares his favourite getaway spot.

What's your go-to Tasmanian weekend away?

We're lucky enough to have World Heritage wilderness nearby, but Cradle Mountain, a longer drive away, is the bomb.

Where do you stay?

Waldheim Cabins, which has basic, dorm-style rooms and you can bring your own food. The walks are amazing from here and it works with small kids, too.

Why do you love it?

The quiet. The ancient trees. The stunning views. And feeling at one with the wilderness.

How long have you been going there and who with?

We started going there about nine years ago, for a birthday weekend with family friends who now all have small kids. It's a great catch-up spot, with no screens, no distractions, just us.


Do you have a favourite memory of the place?

Teaching kids to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

What's your go-to eatery?

Ha! You have to bring your own food, which for us is perfect. My mate Nick can work an Atomic on a gas burner as well as the best barista with a $3000 machine. We bring the milk from our guernsey cow.

Your favourite local secret?

Everybody drives to Dove Lake to start walking. But the walk from the car park at the national park entrance up to the lake is fab, too. If you do drive to the lake, be sure to do a full circuit and you will pass a stand of Australia's only native deciduous tree, the fagus (Nothofagus gunnii).

What does a quick getaway mean to you and why?

A quick getaway means no list of chores, no animals to care for, just friends, family and food.