My travel life: Australian actor Miranda Tapsell, star of Top End Wedding, The Sapphires and Love Child

Actor Miranda Tapsell is best known for her roles as Cynthia in The Sapphires and as Martha in the television drama Love Child. She is the star, co-writer and executive producer of Top End Wedding. 


I GOT MY FIRST PASSPORT When I was 11 years old in 1999.

MY PASSPORT PHOTO IS not good because I look like a drowned rat. I'd washed my hair and not dried it fully, so I looked a mess.

I CAN'T STOP GOING BACK TO New York. I've been there numerous times and the latest was for Top End Wedding's screening at the Australian International Film Forum. It's a city that reminds me to keep chasing my dreams and never give up.

ANY PASSPORT MISHAPS? I was about to leave for Bali from Darwin but I had left my passport in Sydney, where I lived. It served me right to think that Bali was such a close neighbour of Australia! Needless to say, I had to cancel my flight. The next time I was about to go overseas, I couldn't find my passport. I had moved house, couldn't remember where I put it and so I needed to organise a whole new express passport which cost a bomb. Then I found it.

MY LAST TRAVEL DESTINATION WAS Vietnam in December 2018 for two weeks for my honeymoon. I ate at Bun Cha Huong Lien, the restaurant that Anthony Bourdain went to with Barack Obama. We had the Obama combo and it was delicious.

MY NEXT TRAVEL DESTINATION IS Singapore and Hong Kong. I mainly want to eat the amazing food in Singapore and I also want the spa treatments. In Hong Kong I want to immerse myself in the culture.

I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO experiencing the different cultures.


WHAT I REALLY WANT FROM MY NEXT TRIP IS to see a different perspective of life. I want to learn about other people different to us and how they live.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL BECAUSE it creates wonderful experiences that stay with me for far longer than any make-up product or dress that I've ever bought.

MY TRAVEL PHILOSOPHY IS to have fun and remember that it'll always work out in the end!


THE ONE THING I REALLY DO GET RIGHT WHEN I TRAVEL IS taking photos. I love a good snap of a place I want to remember.

AISLE OR WINDOW? Aisle. I go to the toilet regularly and I hate climbing over people. And if I look out the window, I fear I might fall out.

IF I HAD TO SIT IN THE MIDDLE SEAT THE OTHER PASSENGERS I'D WANT ON EITHER SIDE OF ME WOULD BE Michelle Obama, because I would love her to pass on some of her wisdom and grace to me, and Beyonce, because I live every day by saying to myself, "What would Beyonce do?"!

THE ONE FAMOUS TRAVELLER I REALLY ADMIRE IS Ernie Dingo. Seeing him on The Great Outdoors many years ago as an Aboriginal child made me realise the world was a big place and I didn't have to be scared to go out and see it.

THE ONE FAMOUS PERSON I'D LIKE TO TRAVEL WITH IS [12 Years a Slave Oscar-winning actor] Lupita Nyong'o or [US actor who played Kelly Kapoor in The Office] Mindy Kaling or [The Good Place  actor, comedian and singer] Maya Rudolph.

AIRLINE FOOD IS nice when you're in business.

AIRPORT SECURITY IS fine. I'm the person who always gets selected for the extra checks … despite the fact I'm five foot and have a name like a character in a Charles Dickens novel.

HOTELS ARE luscious and I spend every moment indulging.

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO Rio, Brazil. I want to be on the beach and join in with carnival.

I'VE NEVER WANTED TO GO TO nowhere. I'm a big traveller and am open to visiting everywhere. I appreciate travelling to other countries and respecting their customs and traditions.

Top End Wedding opens on May 2.