My travel life: Justine Schofield, presenter of Everyday Gourmet on Network 10

Justine Schofield, presenter of Everyday Gourmet on Network 10 now in its ninth season, and host of four travel and food shows, the latest being Outback Gourmet on SBS Food and SBS On Demand.


Close to 40.


I keep all my passports (old and new) together and I accidently picked up an out-of-date copy, only realising when I was checking in at the airport. Luckily Dad saved the day and drove to the airport to drop off the valid one just in the nick of time.


MY PASSPORT PHOTO IS unintentionally angry-looking (I think the term is resting bitch-face!)

I CAN'T STOP GOING BACK TO the Northern Territory. It has some of the most beautiful hidden gems Australia has to offer. I've been four times already.

MY LAST TRAVEL DESTINATION WAS South Africa for a month in January, to live in the jungle with a bunch of celebrities, raise money for charity and a bit of a detox on I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!


MY NEXT TRAVEL DESTINATION IS Macau for 12 days, filming food and travel segments.

I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO exploring and learning about a place I have never been to before. I love to learn about a new culture, particularly through their cuisine.

WHAT I REALLY WANT FROM MY NEXT TRIP IS to challenge myself to try new and interesting things. Talk to strangers and hear their stories. Go out of my way to see the uniqueness and beauty of a place.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL BECAUSE I crave the adventure and the unknown of a new destination and its culture. I'm also completely obsessed with food and trying foreign dishes. Travel is an important part of my life both personally and professionally.

MY TRAVEL PHILOSOPHY IS never plan a trip within an inch of its life. That's far too boring. Leaving things to chance creates the best memories.

THE ONE TRAVEL MISTAKE I ALWAYS MAKE IS taking far too many pictures and sometimes forgetting to just take a moment and appreciate where I am.

THE ONE THING I REALLY DO GET RIGHT WHEN I TRAVEL IS finding the nearest fresh produce markets, and I always try to befriend a local to get guidance on where the best restaurants are.

IF I HAD TO SIT IN THE MIDDLE SEAT THE OTHER PASSENGERS I'D WANT ON EITHER SIDE OF ME WOULD BE a pilot on one side, although obviously not the ones flying the plane. I tend to be a queasy flyer so it would be good for him or her  to assure me everything is OK during turbulence. A comedian on the other side, maybe Ricky Gervais to tell me I'm being absolutely ridiculous.

THE ONE FAMOUS TRAVELLER I REALLY ADMIRE IS [late US chef] Anthony Bourdain, who explored so many little-known destinations and delved into their cultures. To me, he was the best travel and food documentarian.

THE ONE FAMOUS PERSON I'D LIKE TO TRAVEL WITH IS, if he were still alive, Anthony Bourdain.

AIRLINE FOOD IS better in business and first class …Ha ha!

AIRPORT SECURITY is essential.

HOTELS ARE sometimes luxurious and enchanting, and other times sterile and less than ordinary.

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO New Zealand. I know, it's so close to Australia, but I've never been. A must this year…hopefully.