The burning shore

Where the perilous Skeleton Coast meets the world's oldest desert, Michael Gebicki flies from one jaw-dropping wonder to another.

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Savannahs of surprise

Diane Armstrong discovers it only takes one lion to find you're never too old for a safari.

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A web-footed gecko leaves a telltale trail in the Namibian desert.

What lies beneath

On a tour of Africa's largest national park, Kate Hennessy discovers the 'little five' that live in Namib's dunes.

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Delta drifter ... hippos rule the rivers.

The rivers run wild

Lance Richardson discovers the waterways of Namibia, Zambia and Botswana are themselves characters in the continent's story.

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Cross the line in the sand

When a German-style resort town emerges from the desert, next door to a struggling township, Lance Richardson can hardly believe his eyes.

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The old dunes and the sea

Aboard the elegant Desert Express, Gavin Bell looks for wildlife amid fierce yet beautiful landscapes.

  • Contains:
Black rhino

Four wheels and wilderness

There are rhinos at lunch and leopards at sunset when Gill Charlton gets behind the wheel on a desert-and-beyond tour.

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