Natura Vive Skylodge, Peru: Transparent cliffside rooms provide thrilling view of Sacred Valley

 The death-defying views at this Peru hotel could be seen as either spectacular or terrifying; either way, there's no escaping them.

In the heart of the old Inca empire in Sacred Valley, three transparent pods cling for dear life to the side of a 121-metre cliff.

These pods are hotel rooms, each measuring 7 x 2.5 metres and constructed from aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate, large enough to sleep eight people.

Of course, the challenge is to get there first and this is no easy feat.

Scaling the steep cliff would usually be an activity left to experienced rock climbers. However, the folks at Natura Vive Skylodge have built a via ferrata to get up and zip lines to get down.

The via ferrata – a mountain route equipped with fixed ladders, cables and bridges in order to be accessible to climbers and walkers – has been built for beginners as well as the experienced, so the hotel is accessible to all with a fair level of fitness.

Guests will be provided with a standard climbing harness, helmet, gloves and a via ferrata lanyard.

Should a climber slip, they'll remain attached to a "lifeline", preventing a nasty fall.

Using a zip line to leave the hotel is less of a challenge.


The cliffside suites have four beds, a dining room, and, most importantly, a private bathroom with curtains in case you object to the condors taking a peek inside.

The bathroom is also eco-friendly, with an ecological toilet and sink. The beds have high-quality mattresses, cotton sheets, down pillows and quilts.

Promising 300 degree views, the only discomfort you may feel is because of the height.

An overnight package at Natura Vive Skylodge includes a gourmet dinner and breakfast. A night in an adventure suite complete with climb and zip line costs about $400.

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