Ile des Pins

French connection

An island adventure with a taste of Europe is just a short flight away, writes Isobel King.

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Raja Ampat Palau

Fresh waters, new frontiers

Taken a cruise lately? Join the club - nearly 700,000 of us did one or more last year. So, where next beyond the obvious? Louise Goldsbury has the answers.

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Mare, New Caledonia

Legends of the lagoon

Loyalty islanders are welcoming the first day trippers. Craig Tansley discovers a community happy to share their south Pacific idyll.

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parc forestier

Striking a natural balance

Having a go on a Segway had been on our 'bucket list' for some time, so that was the big attraction of doing this excursion.

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Vive le soleil ... Noumea's Port Moselle, with St Joseph Cathedral in the foreground.

Gallic meets the Pacific

If France could be improved, it would be a tropical island. Andrew Bock knows a place that already fits the bill.

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Noumea's lagoon.

Baguettes and baby steps

On the edge of the world's largest lagoon, Nicola Walker finds a raft of family-friendly surprises in Noumea.

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Young girl carrying fresh bread, Noumea, New Caledonia. Photograph by Travmedia. SHD TRAVEL MAY 25 FOOD sarahberry

Beaches and baguettes

For a couple of bucks, Kerry van der Jagt makes like a local to explore the colonial history of this Pacific island.

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