Nine must-have ski gadgets for skiers and snowboarders

From flying cameras to touchscreen gloves, design-your-own skis and heated everything, today's skier and snowboarder has a plethora of tech-driven gear to help make their snow trip easier. 

AVADE Heated Base Layer

Imagine a compression garment that keeps you warm on the exposed chairlift during those sub-zero days. Imagine no more. The AVADE compression base layer shirt is powered by a small rechargeable lightweight lithium battery. A push-button panel on the right wrist within the garment gives the wearer heat control for the two front and one back heat panel. RRP$199, see

Rossignol Hero Heated Boot Bag

No need for fancy heated ski lockers and valets that hand dry your ski or snowboard boots now the Rossignol Hero Heated Boot Bag has hit town. Keep your boots warm and dry while driving to and from the resort. Just plug the bag in to charge and voila your boots will be toasty warm by the time you hit the car park. RRP$249.

Wagner Skis

If you want serious boasting rights then Wagner Skis and Snowboards will give them to you. Custom-made skis are not new but custom-made skis specifically for your individual skiing and snowboarding preferences are.

Answer a detailed questionnaire on how you ski or snowboard, where you like to ski and snowboard, what skis or snowboards you have ridden and liked, those you haven't liked, even type in your "spirit animal" and the guys at Wagner will feed your data into their bespoke machine. Presto, out pops skis or snowboard 100 per cent unique to you. Now design your own graphics from unicorns to pop stars, nothing is off limits. Priced from about$US2000-$US3000 ($2530-), see

GoSnow geo app

Founded by Aussie entrepreneur Sean Bellerby, GoSnow is a mobile app that intuitively connects skiers and snowboarders who are in the same area, or planning a trip to a similar destination. If you're stuck for ski and snowboard friends, a lift to the snow or just want to meet like-minded snow lovers then download this app. See

Dragon Transition Lens

The Dragon Transition lens uses photochromic technology to create a goggle lens that adjusts to the light conditions of an ever-changing weather day. The secret is in 3500 different photochromic dyes chemically blended into one lens. The lens automatically darkens in bright sunlight and lightens in overcast conditions from light yellow to dark grey to ensure a good contrast for safer riding. Priced from $199.95.


An action cam mounted on your helmet doesn't cut it anymore. Now you must have a drone that narcissistically follows you down the mountain. Place your orders now for the Lily drone. Simply throw it into the air and it will start hovering and filming. Utilise the GPS tracker worn on your wrist and Lily will follow and film you from whatever angle you so desire. RRP $US499 for pre-order, see

Burton Screengrab Gloves

Snowboard brand Burton offer ScreenGrab technology on a range of their snowboard gloves and mittens to ensure your hands stay warm while operating your beloved smart phone technology. The touchscreen-compatible technology in the fingertips mean you don't have to expose bare hands to answer that call, change that music or take that selfie.


Smith I/OX Elite Turbo Fan Goggles

Smith have brought out the big guns to kill vision impairing fog on their goggle lenses. The 5x Anti Fog inner lens now combines with a military derived Elite Turbo Fan powered in the goggle straps to wipe out any chance of misting up. RRP $329.95.

Hit Case Pro

Turn your iPhone into an action cam. The HitCase Pro waterproof and shockproof protective case offers a superwide lens, a wide lens and a macro lens option along with chest mounts, helmet mounts and more. It is also compatible with GoPro mounts. Priced from $US79, see

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