No country for cold men

I will be going to the west coast of Canada in the last week of April for 21 days. I'm not sure what the weather will be like at that time of year and would appreciate your suggestions about the type of clothing I should take.

- J. Gebbie, Bar Beach, NSW.

I'm assuming we're talking Vancouver here rather than the spruce forests of northern British Columbia but even there, spring weather is brisk. In Vancouver, the average daily temperature for April is between 5 degrees and 13 degrees, rising by just 3 degrees in May.

Jeans will be OK but for your top half, you will need a base layer of shirt or top, with a thermal layer above that and a windproof layer on top. Wool is wonderful for the thermal layer but synthetic polar fleece is also fine.

A scarf or woolly head covering will come in handy and I would take gloves; not thick mitts but something you can tuck in your pocket and break out when needed, probably in the evening.

If you find yourself short, Vancouver has everything you need in the clothing department.

I once bought fleecy boot liners for a kayaking trip to Greenland in Vancouver, where competition among suppliers of outdoor gear keeps prices sharp.