Northern Lights Photographer of the Year 2021: Aurora Australis photo named among world's best

A stunning image of an aurora taken in Tasmania has been named among the world's best for 2021.

Darren Oldenhof's photo of Aurora Australis is one of 25 images showcased by travel and photography website Capture the Atlas in its annual Northern Lights Photographer of the Year competition, named to coincide with the Northern Lights season in the northern hemisphere.

The annual competition includes images that were taken around the world, taking in the Northern and Southern Lights in countries like the United States, Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand by 25 photographers of 13 different nationalities.

Oldenhof said he was lucky living in Tasmania and being able to see the most intense auroras in the country, being furthest south.

"I had only witness three auroras and this one was the most beautiful and longest-lasting of them," he said.

"On the other two occasions I photographed the aurora, most of the brilliance could only be seen through the back of the camera, but on this night, it could be seen without it.

'Nature showed off her brilliance and I stood there in amazement for many hours. I can't wait for Lady Aurora's next dance."

The Northern Lights glow between September and April, and from March to September in the southern hemisphere. The further away you are from light pollution, the better chance you have of seeing them.

The images are voted on quality, the background story, and the overall inspiration that the photograph provides - as well as looking for unique locations. To see the full gallery of 25 images, visit

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