A village on the Sognefjord.

Myth, mist and enchantment

Scandinavia's Viking heritage, Norse mythology and dramatic landscape fascinate and inspire in equal measure, writes Alison Stewart.

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Pomp up the volume

Scandinavians love and respect their royals Alison Stewart discovers, on a tour fit for a queen.

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Moss campion blooming in front of 14th of July Glacier, Spitzbergen Island, Norway.

Melting moments

As the ice melts in the Arctic, new bitter-sweet frontiers for travel emerge, writes David McGonigal.

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Honningsvag in polar twilight SHD TRAVEL. September 15 - shore excursion - norway - text by Jane E Fraser. Honningsvag. ...

Shore excursion

Ronelle Adams, a veteran of more than 100 cruises, marked the northern summer solstice in Norway.

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