Nudist resort becoming 'capital of debauchery'

French naturists who frequent Europe's largest nudist vacation village were battling last week to stop the 40-year-old resort from becoming "European capital of debauchery".

Followers of traditional nudism denounced the "libertine" drift of the southern French resort of Cap d'Agde at a council meeting this week.

Independent local councilor Florence Denestebe said, "As soon as the sun comes out, one district of the Cap d'Agde becomes the European capital of debauchery".

Denestebe asked the town's deputy mayor and lawmaker Gilles d'Ettore to "intervene," fearing that "an overly sexual image" of Cap d'Agde may lead to "an explosion of libertarianism beyond the naturist area."

A group of around 30 traditional nudists supported Denestebe at the meeting, saying that a "sexy" and "pornographic" image of the resort does not accord with their aim for "harmony with nature".

One supporter, a Cap d'Agde resident of 34 years, said, "When we bought [an apartment] here, it was to live naked, live with the sun, we wanted a natural life. Nowadays new wildlife is appearing."

D'Ettore said there had been no complaints to the police and that he did not see the point in "putting a policeman behind the 40,000 naturists."

The mayor said moves had been made to ban minors from raunchier establishments -- but that he would refrain from "making value judgments on the sexual practices of people."