Small rural service centre.
Located 280 km north-west of Brisbane via the Burnett, D'Aguilar and Bruce Highways and 40 km north-west of Wondai, Proston is a tiny settlement which was created after a few hundred acres had been carved off the large Wigton property.

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Part of Australian mythology - the home of the mysterious Min Min lights.
Located 1719 km from Brisbane, 305 km south of Mt Isa and 364 km west of Winton, Boulia is a small settlement of approximately 300 people. It is the administrative centre for an area covering 61 176 sq. km which boasts a total shire population of less than 600.

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Small service township on the edge of the Brisbane Ranges National Park.

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Clancy's Overflow Hotel

Isisford - Places to See

Tiny township which was an important centre a century ago.
Located 117 km south of Ilfracombe and 1160 km from Brisbane, Isisford is a charming little settlement which has not changed significantly since the turn of the century.

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An old, empty shop in Injune

Injune - Places to See

Injune (including Carnarvon National Park)
Quiet rural town which is the southern entry point to the Carnarvon National Park.
Injune is one of those quaint Central West townships where it seems as though time has stood still. The signpost at the southern end of town announces that the town has an elevation of 1274 (which must be feet - they still think in inches and miles out here), a population of 600, and lots of 'menities' including electricity 1955, water 1956 and sewerage 1962.

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A windmill near Ilfracombe on the Matilda Highway

Ilfracombe - Places to See

Tiny western Queensland township surrounded by large grazing properties.
Looking at the tiny settlement of Ilfracombe, with its one hotel and rather isolated Folk Museum, it is hard to imagine that, in the 1890s, the town had three hotels each with its own dance hall, a soft drink maker, a coach builder, two general stores, a billiard saloon, a dressmaker, three commission agents, a couple of butchers, a baker and a saddler. The story of western Queensland is contained in these changes. Once transportation became efficient the number of people living in the outback declined. What took a month in the 1890s can now take only a few hours.

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The pub and main street in the tiny settlement of Muttaburra

Muttaburra - Culture and History

Tiny township servicing the large properties which surround it.
Located 84 km north of Aramac and 119 km (mostly by dirt road) from Longreach the small town of Muttaburra has two claims to fame. It was the site of the discovery of the Muttaburrasaurus, one of Australia's largest dinosaurs, and it was also the scene of one of the most daring acts of cattleduffing ever performed in Australia. In fact the Mount Cornish homestead was built as an outstation to the huge Bowen Downs station to prevent any future cattleduffing.

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