Parked Qatar Airways planes collide at airport during wild storm

A wild storm in the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar has seen two Qatar Airways planes damaged after one broke loose and rolled into the other last week.

The incident at Hamad International Airport was caught on video and posted on social media (watch the incident in the video above). 

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, which can carry up to 254 passengers and weighs 120 tonnes when empty, can be seen being buffeted by strong winds before eventually breaking loose and turning to its left, before it rolls forward into the adjacent Airbus A350-900.

The 787-8 has a list price of about $US250 million ($392 million), while the Airbus' list price is about $US315 million (manufacturers typically heavily discount the price of aircraft from the list price as part of larger deals).

According to a statement by the airline, the two planes suffered only minor damage.

"During extreme weather conditions, with storms and high winds of 70 knots, a parked Qatar Airways 787-800 (sic) briefly shifted from its chocks and made contact with a QR A350-900. 

"The aircraft had been parked securely and chocked in accordance with AMM (aircraft maintenance manual) guidelines while operations at the airport had been temporarily suspended due to the high winds.

"No passengers or crew were on board at the time and the aircraft suffered only minor damage."


Qatar Airways has been one of the few long-haul carriers to continue flying many of its regular routes during the outbreak of COVID-19. The airline has increased its Australian flights and added a new route, from Doha to Brisbane, to meet demand from Australians seeking to return home during the crisis.

The airline was named the world's best for a record fifth time at the World Airline Awards last year.

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