Passport Index: Global online index allows you to search for visa requirements

 Passport Index is putting the freedom back into travel by listing every country you can visit without a visa.

The website, which rose to fame by ranking passports in order of their power, now has a very handy additional feature should you be looking to take an overseas trip.

Clicking onto your passport nationality will take you to another page which lists all the countries that you can enter, and what sort of visa it requires.

A quick click into the Australian passport reveals we can enter 151 countries visa-free, while 104 countries require us to purchase one.

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The website specifies whether you need to buy the visa on arrival, in advance, or if you can purchase electronically.

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The functionality can can be used by any nationality, and it has a handy feature that allows you to search for more than one visa type alongside the original - should you have multiple passports or are planning on travelling in a group.

You can also compare visa requirements by destination.


The Passport Index has loads of other fun tricks up its sleeve - you can view the world map by passport colour; or view passport covers by their colour.

It is the only live global ranking of passports, and is updated frequently to reflect visa rule changes accurately.

The most powerful passport holders in the world are the Germans and the Swedes, with Visa-Free scores of 158.

Australia's score of 151 places it at seventh most powerful in the world, along with Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Afghanistan is the lowest ranked country, with a visa-free score of 24.

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