Paul Chai


Singapore may be 50 years young in 2015, but it has cultural traditions that stretch back hundreds of years.


Asia's colourful city of festivals

Singapore's take on Halloween see locals burn paper money – and even paper cars, houses and iPads! - to appease restless spirits.

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Oodles for noodles:  Singapore is a city utterly bonkers about food.

Singapore noodles? There's no such thing

Would you go to France and ask for french fries? No. So why would you ask for Singaporean noodles when in the Lion City?

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The alpine-style buildings of Vibe Hotel, Marysville.


Vibe, Marysville: Weekend away

Marysville was decimated by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, but has regenerated while maintaining its charm.

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There is always something going on in Geylang.

Singapore's new hip neighbourhood

Anyone who still clings to the outmoded view of sanitised Singapore needs to get out of the malls and explore the hip neighbourhoods.

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More than meets the eye: Singapore surprises even the most frequent visitors.

Ten things you didn’t know about Singapore

Well-known for its no littering rules and delicious chilli crab, this modern Asian city offers some unsuspecting draw-cards for travellers.

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