Pemberton - Fast Facts

Located 333 km south of Perth, Pemberton is a one-time timber town set amidst rolling hills and surrounded by forests of magnificent karri, jarrah and marri trees. Like Manjimup, Pemberton's main attractions focus on the timber industry. There is the giant Gloucester Tree, an old timber carrying railway line, a museum which focuses on the timber industry and a number of pleasant drives through the forests which surround the town. As timber has declined in importance the town has increasingly become a tourist destination (130,000 people visited the local visitor's centre last year) and, like so much of the rest of Australia, some people have sought their fortune by planting vineyards.

Pemberton Tourist Centre
Brockman St P.O. Box 93
Pemberton WA 6260
Telephone: (08) 9776 1133
Facsimile: (08) 9776 1623

Attractive town surrounded by karri, jarrah and marri forests.