Peel Inlet, Mandurah

Mandurah - Places to See

Large commuter town south of Perth
Located 73 km south of Perth at the entrance to Peel Inlet, Mandurah is a large centre with a population of nearly 45 000. It is essentially a commuter town for people working either at the Aluminium Refinery in Pinjarra, in the heavy industry at Kwinana, or workers prepared to make the daily trek north to Perth.

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Straw bales in a field near Northam

Northam - Places to See

An interesting and important early wheatbelt settlement.
Northam is located 150 m above sea level and 98 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway and, like York, is one of the earliest settlements in the Central Wheatbelt area.

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St. Ildephonusus (a residence for boys), New Norcia

New Norcia - Places to See

New Norcia
Extraordinary and unusual Spanish-influenced religious settlement in the middle of the dry wheatbelt.
In the vast wheatbelt of Western Australia, which seems to cover just about all the fertile land in the south western corner of the state, the towns are all disarmingly similar. A bulk loading facility, a railway line, a pub, a farm machinery yard and a few houses. It is therefore a delight to arrive in New Norcia and suddenly be presented with a town which is so totally different as to be unique. Here is a little bit of the Mediterranean in the Australian bush.

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Shakespeare's Birthplace, The Elizabethan Village, Armadale

Armadale - Culture & History

Located 27 km south of Perth and effectively a commuter suburb of the city, Armadale is an attractive semi-suburban area.

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Yarloop - Fast Facts

Historic timber town
Located 125 km south of Perth, Yarloop is basically an historic timber town. The area was first settled in 1849 when Joseph Logue selected land on what became known as Logue Brook and he was followed in 1886 by John Bancells and W. J. Eastcott.

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