Perth makes New York Times 'Top 52 places to go' list

Thanks to a trendy transformation, Perth has finally made its mark as one of the world's top places to go, according to The New York Times.

At number nine, Perth sits among the Top 52 Places to Go in 2014, an impressive list which also boasts Cape Town in South Africa, Germany's Frankfurt and the Vatican.

Pointing out "signs of a trendy transformation", journalist Baz Dreisinger notes large-scale change in Perth, including the Riverside project and re-purposed late night haunts including the Stables Bar and Print Hall.

Vocalist of West Australian band Red Jezebel and owner of restaurant The Old Crow, Paul Wood said he was "stoked" to also receive a nod from The New York Times which, for him, "came completely out of the blue".

Despite the shock, Wood was not surprised Perth ended up in the top 10. He said it's a well-earned title after an insurgence of new bars, restaurants and arts scene.

"Perth has dramatically changed – to a degree that everyone is getting out of this small town syndrome... We all want to make this place better," he said.

Wood hopes Perth's new accolade will encourage the positive response and flow of customers he and his wife, Beck, have received since opening the art deco house-turned-restaurant in June.

"I've learned not to expect anything. In business, what you plan for often ends up on its head," he said.

"We've been pretty much booked out solid for months. Hopefully we will be able to keep open and more people will keep coming."

Wood said the bar and restaurant circle in Perth was one that was extremely welcoming.

"We've had lots of people in the restaurant and bar community congratulate us. Everyone in the industry is very supportive of each other. It's all about bringing the business into the city and making it better for everyone."