Perth's new COMO The Treasury hotel is a game-changer

For years, Perth was a "miner" player when it came to hotels. The resources boom resulted in what were reputedly the world's highest occupancy rates for a major city, meaning  there was little no incentive to build new properties or refurbish tired existing ones.

But, with the mining bubble having been pricked and with FIFOs and their fluoro vests and hard hats permanently taking wing, Perth's chronic room shortage has ended – just as an excess of post-boom establishments, chief among them the new COMO The Treasury hotel, have opened.

Based on initial appearances, it shouldn't be too hard to fill the 48 rooms at this elegant, game-changing new hotel, possibly the single most sophisticated thing to emerge from Western Australia since the winged keel.

Designed by Perth-born Kerry Hill – Australia's most venerated resort architect, with a sizeable number of exclusive Aman​ properties in Asia in his portfolio – the five-star hotel is the first Australian property under banner of the respected south-east Asia-based COMO collection.

Right in the heart of Perth's CBD and part of the $580 million overall Cathedral Square precinct redevelopment, the understated COMO The Treasury sits inside a group of stately 19th-century heritage buildings which at one time or another served as a town hall, post office, land titles office and the treasury.

The lavishly proportioned and priced blonde timber-toned rooms feature soaring ceilings, large windows, bespoke European furnishings and luxurious free-standing German-crafted bathtubs. Some rooms overlook Hill's new and visually-arresting cylindrically-shaped City of Perth Library.

However, the attention of guests is likely to be focused on the beauteous insides of the State Buildings. The revitalised complex, after all, will host several flash new dining venues, including a stand-alone restaurant by David Thompson, the Bangkok-based Australian titan of Thai cuisine, where those fluoro vests and hard hats of yore will almost certainly not be de rigueur.

Rooms start from $595 per night. See