Glamorous ... the Peninsula Manila

Essential guide to Manila

The Philippine capital mixes the best of Asian and Latino cultures for offbeat fun, creative cuisine and inspired design, writes Belinda Jackson.

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Sunbathing on sand spit of Snick Island. Palawan

Saltwater revival

Louise Southerden floats past jellyfish and limestone cliffs while paddling a remote archipelago.

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24 hours in Manila

On wheels, Louise Southerden explores a city with a taste for trifle sundaes and a passion for shopping.

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Something suite ... room services aboard the Silver Whisper.

A case for the butler

Gary LaPersonne encounters tailored service and royalty on a six-star sailing from Singapore to Hong Kong.

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The Greenbelt shopping centre.

Hot to shop: Manila

It's hot, it's steamy ... just the weather to spend in an airconditioned super-mall that is this shop-mad city's specialty, writes Belinda Jackson.

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