For the family ... a double-pool villa at the Banyan Tree, Phuket.

Luxury for the mini-me's

Why should parents have all the five-star fun? According to this Phuket resort, they shouldn't, writes Erin O'Dwyer.

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Bright horizons ... an uncrowded beach at Khao Lak.

Singing chefs and solitude

Turning right at Phuket Airport, Erin O'Dwyer leaves the crowds behind for lessons in prawn twirling, yoga and simple village life.

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Even closer ... the Te Vakaroa Villas in the Cook Islands

Battle of the beaches

Direct flights are driving prices down as resorts compete for Australian business, writes Jane E. Fraser.

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Monte Carlo beach

Top 10 places to feel young again

If you're bored with your life and looking to shake things up, here are 10 destinations where you can reinvent yourself and feel young again.

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Emerald escape ... the cliffs of Ko Rang Nok (Bird Nest Island).

Adrift from the crowd

In a kayak, Gemma Bowes discovers the limestone islands and luminous waters beyond Phuket's busy beaches.

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