Shoal Bay Resort.

Ambushed and loving it

Shoal Bay, once the scene of vast World War II military exercises, offers a peaceful welcome to Daniel Scott.

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Boat Harbour Beach

Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour (including Rocky Cape National Park)
Breathtakingly beautiful village and beach just off the main north road.
Located 183 km northwest of Launceston and 30 km from Burnie, Boat Harbour may well be the most beautiful place on the whole north coast of Tasmania. This charming village, located on the side of a gentle hill which tumbles down to a superb white beach with rocky headlands on either side, looks like a picture off a chocolate box or a scenic calendar. The sea is so green and blue, the beach so clean, the surroundings so delightful, and the village is so sleepy and peaceful. Boat Harbour Beach is notable for its fine white sands which have been weathered from the quartzite rocks which are common along this section of the coastline. The beach is firm and clean and the offshore waters are ideal for skin diving. The village exists in a microclimate which is removed from the surrounding weather patterns. Frosts are unknown and plants from the tropics can be seen in lo

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