SHD TRAVEL September 8 Family Friendly Cruises Carnival Spirit Supplied CL_Deck_BsktBl_DadKids

Fun for your crew

Our Cruise Director Sally Macmillan suggests some popular holidays that are filled with thrills for the kids, while also enjoyable for mum and dad.

  • Contains:
MS Volendam.

Motherships, ahoy

Being a ship's godmother seems to be another sparkling facet of a celebrity's life these days.

  • Contains:
Whale watchers in Azores Islands, Portugal.

Beacon in the Atlantic

Paul Sheehan returns to the Azores, the isolated archipelago that has sheltered adventurers for centuries.

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Captain's Choice Jet

My plane, my way

Eight countries, three weeks, 87 strangers: Paul Sheehan boards a private jet for a serial adventure.

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