Pyramid Hill

Pyramid Hill
Small service town in the Victorian wheatbelt.
Pyramid Hill is a small town of around 500 people which is named after an adjacent hill. It is located in a wheat-growing area 252 km north of Melbourne via Bendigo and 18 km north-east of Durham Ox which is located on the Loddon Valley Highway 84 km north of Bendigo. The Pyramid Hill Rd continues in a north-easterly direction and eventually joins the Murray Valley Highway at a point about 5 km south-east of Cohuna. There is an hotel, a caravan park and a golf club.

The first European in the area was Major Thomas Mitchell who climbed the mountain in 1836 during his exploratory journey into 'Australia Felix'. Squatters soon followed in his wake.

Noted Australian novelist Katherine Susannah Prichard stayed for a time at Pyramid Hill during World War I. She was residing with her brother Nigel who was a doctor with a practice that 'covered hundreds of miles'. In her autobiography Child of the Hurricane (1963) Prichard recounts that a horse rider from a travelling circus was brought in with a broken back one night while her brother was doing his rounds. She waited with the woman until Nigel returned and notes that 'After taking to her father...I resolved, some day, to write a story about her.' This woman became Gina in Haxby's Circus.

The Pyramid Hill Show is held annually in October-November and a machinery rally on the first Sunday in October.

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Tourist Information
Victoria Hotel, 20 Victoria St, tel: (03) 5455 7391.

Pyramid Hill
Pyramid Hill (187 m above sea-level) is a remarkably exact triangle of stone which explorer Thomas Mitchell surmounted in 1836. He named it for its similarity to 'the monuments of Egypt'. It is a half-hour climb to the top from where there are fine views of the irrigated wheat and sheep plains which surround the town. In spring it is covered in wildflowers. A braille trail for the visually impaired goes halfway up the hill.

A local history museum is situated in McKay St behind the memorial hall. It is open Sundays from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. or by appointment, tel: (03) 5455 7090 or (03) 5455 7192. The road continues on for about 18 km to the Loddon Valley Highway.

Terrick Terrick State Park
10 km east of Pyramid Hill, via the Pyramid Hill-Kow Swamp Rd, is the locality of Bald Rock. There is a turnoff here into an unsealed road on the right which leads south through Terrick Terrick State Park (2500 ha) which starts about 10 km from Bald Rock.

Terrick Terrick protects an important remnant of northern plains flora, including the state's finest stand of native white cypress pines. Fauna includes grey kangaroos and a plenitude of birdlife (it is the largest nesting site for brolgas in Victoria). The park has some dramatic granite outcrops and natural depressions which were used as water holes by the Aborigines.


Lesser tracks head off the main road. There are fireplaces, tables, toilets and fine views at Mt Terrick Terrick itself. Camping is permitted. Ring (03) 5444 6620 or (03) 5450 3957 for further information.

The road through Terrick continues on through Mitiamo, Raywood, Whipstick State Forest, Eaglehawk and Bendigo (see entries on Eaglehawk and Bendigo).

The road continues on through the forest to the small town of Mitiamo where there is an hotel and Vivienne's Gallery at 1A Haig St which has arts, crafts and Devonshire teas (tel: 03 5436 5240).

Mt Hope
Beyond Bald Rock, the Pyramid Hill-Kow Swamp Rd veers northwards. Mt Hope is on the left-hand side of this road, about 5 km from Bald Rock. It too was climbed in 1836 by Thomas Mitchell. The name derives from Mitchell's hope that he might discern the sea from its peak. There are picnic facilities and a Mitchell plaque at the base of the mountain and it is but a short walk to the top of the hill from whence there are good views of the district and Kow Swamp.

Kow Swamp
The main road continues on to Kow Swamp. About 50 m before the intersection of Kow Swamp Rd and Pipers Rd. There is a cleared area on the left at Box Bridge where you can stop for a picnic at the north-western corner of the swamp. Accommodation is available for 6 to 8 people at Swampy's Holiday House, tel: (03) 5456 7528.

Turn left onto Pipers Rd if you wish to access the Murray Valley Highway or continue along the Kow Swamp Rd until you reach a T-intersection and turn left to Leitchville and right to the park on the eastern shore of the swamp (see entry on Cohuna for further information on Leitchville and Kow Swamp).

Pyramid Hill Caravan Park
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Pyramid Hill VIC 3575
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