Qantas business class gift packs: Home delivery of pyjamas and amenity kits

If you're one of the fortunate travellers that normally gets to fly at the pointy end of the plane, you might be missing the perks of long-haul in business class.

One such perk is the pyjamas some airlines provide to passengers. Not only are they comfortable, they're also a status symbol (which is why you'll often see people wearing them in economy class too - a sign that says they don't always fly in the cheap seats).

With Australians unable to travel overseas, Qantas is now offering to home deliver a set of its business class pyjamas as part of a gift pack.

With most international flights suspended, the airline has an excess of business class pyjamas, amenity kits and snacks. It is offering them together as a care package that can be sent anonymously "to someone who is doing it tough" or you can order one for yourself, of course.

The packages, which cost $25 or 4350 frequent flyer points including delivery, contain the business class pyjamas, a business class amenity kit with ASPAR products, 12 Tim Tams, a 200 gram pack of smoked almonds and 10 T2 lemongrass and ginger teabags.

Qantas executive manager of product and service, Phil Capps, said the airline ordered bulk stock in advance and had them sitting in storage due to the lack of international flights.

"Qantas PJs are always popular, and with people spending a lot more time at home and wishing they were travelling somewhere, we think receiving a surprise pair in the mail will be very well received," he said.

He said the airline was already providing some of their unused goods to charity through Oz Harvest and Neil Perry's Hope Delivery.

But if you want to snap up one of the care packs, you might need to move quickly. More than 5000 were sold after they went on sale on Friday morning. A further 4500 were added to make 10,000 in total available.


It's not the only way people are getting a little taste of air travel at home. Gate Gourmet, which provides the in-flight meals for Virgin Australia, have been offering frozen meals at the cut price of $25 for 10 until stocks run out.


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