Qantas inflight safety video 2018 sees Aussies being Aussies across the world

'Aussies being Aussies': Qantas new safety video

Qantas' new safety video features Aussies being Aussies abroad.

Qantas has spared no expense on their safety video for 2018, which features Australians in beautifully-shot destinations they fly to.

The new video is much like an extension of 2017's video, which featured everyday Australians in Australian destinations.

From eating Vegemite on toast in China to ordering double-shot flat white coffees from a fellow Aussie after a big night out in London, Qantas showcase their international destinations by placing Aussies in them.

Introduced by a real-life pilot and flight attendants, over the seven minute, six second video you'll see inspirational footage in places like Kruger National Park, near Johannesburg, where an Australian man indulges in a Tim Tam slam before embarking on a safari, where his wife is warned not to collect her phone after she drops it from the jeep in front of a huge African elephant – cue safety instruction.

Over in Tokyo, an Australian personal stylist plays cricket on a rooftop before settling in for a night's sleep in a capsule hotel, bidding her neighbour an ocker "'night!" after explaining how to count the rows to your nearest exit.

And it's all to the tune of I still call Australia home.

"The primary purpose of these videos is to communicate an important safety message, and we know from our previous efforts that beautiful locations with a touch of humour is a great way to get people's attention each time they fly," said Qantas International CEO Alison Webster.

"This video lets us show off some of the amazing places you can travel on our network, and acts as a quick induction on Australian culture for visitors overseas about to fly here on a Qantas aircraft.

"We use real people, rather than actors, in our safety videos because it creates a sense of authenticity that's very Australian in itself."


The final scene in Cottesloe Bay, Perth, features a second officer on a Qantas A380.

Although there are touches of humour in the video (such as the Chinese child in Shanghai balking at the taste of Vegemite) it's a pretty sentimental video of Australians abroad compared to arch nemesis Air New Zealand's efforts.

With their safety videos raising eyebrows since 2009, Air New Zealand got a smack on the hand after featuring bikini-clad models on the world's best surf beaches for detracting from the real safety message.

And the airline's version of Lord of the Rings – named "The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made" and directed by Taika Waititi (he of What We Do In The Shadows and Thor fame) received 16 million views on YouTube alone.

All of Air New Zealand's videos have amassed more than 100 million views on the video channel.

Other airlines vying for your attention via comedy include British Airways, who let Gordon Ramsay drop the f-bomb in a video that also featured Mr Bean.

Striving to bring individuality to a rigid product, the videos also work as a marketing tool that gain important traction via influential social media.

For its latest video, Qantas worked with international and state tourism organisations over a five-week period.

The new video will screen in domestic and international flights from April.