Qantas Retro Roo II unveiled: 1960s paint job for Boeing 737

Qantas has unveiled its second 'Retro Roo' plane painted in the livery of yesteryear.

The Boeing 737-800 features a vintage 1960s paint job. The airline showed off the plane on Monday as part of its 95th birthday celebrations.

The Retro Roo II (VH-VXQ) has the same livery featured on Qantas' Boeing 707 jets from 1959 to 1961, an era when Qantas became the world's first airline to offer a round-the-world service with the jet.

Back then, the flying time was 70 hours, compared to the 21 hours it currently takes from Sydney to London via Dubai.

Last week, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce raised the prospect of even further and faster air travel.

He told a group of journalists at the launch of the airline's new joint venture with American Airlines that direct flights from Australia to New York City were the holy grail of long-haul flying.

Although the technology to fly such distances non-stop does not yet exist, Joyce believes it could be possible in about 10 years and that a market for direct flights will be there, despite the long amount of time passengers would have to spend on the aircraft.

Retro Roo II is the second Qantas 737 aircraft in vintage livery. Retro Roo I was launched last November, featuring the livery of 1971-1984. The popularity of the first Retro Roo on social media was a key reason for Qantas creating a second aircraft with a vintage paint job.

Retro Roo II's livery was selected from 12 different possibilities from the airline's history.

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