Qantas vaccination rewards program: Points, status credits or discounts on offer

Qantas will launch its COVID-19 vaccination rewards campaign on Tuesday, giving frequent flyer members a choice of three different reward options.

Members who are 18 and over and fully vaccinated can choose either 1000 frequent flyer points, 15 status credits or a $20 flight discount voucher (for use with Qantas or Jetstar).

They will also be automatically entered in a draw to win one of 10 "mega prizes" - a year's worth of domestic flights, with free accommodation across 345 Accor hotels and free fuel from BP service stations.

Once international borders open, winners will also be able to take free flights on international routes with Qantas or Jetstar.

In order to claim the reward, members will need to upload their Medicare vaccination certificate via the Qantas app. Qantas said the certificate information would be deleted once it had been verified. The rewards will be available to people who have already been vaccinated, not just those who get vaccinated after the campaign begins.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has been advocating for corporate Australia to push vaccinations for several months.

"Getting vaccinated is an important step that every Australian can take that brings us that little bit closer to life as we knew it," he said.

"As the national carrier, we want to recognise those who have made the effort to protect themselves and the community.

"Our crews can't wait to get back to reuniting family and friends, taking people on holiday and putting some energy back into the whole tourism industry. For us, getting the vaccine rate up to 70 and 80 per cent means thousands of people can go back to work."


The airline also released an advertisement aimed at encouraging vaccinations, with a focus on travel, which has been widely praised on social media. 

Video: Qantas' vaccination ad

Last week the airline announced it would make vaccinations mandatory for its 22,000 staff, citing a staff survey that found overwhelming support for vaccines.

Qantas and Jetstar will require frontline staff to be double-vaccinated by November 15 and office staff to be double vaccinated by the end of March. Medical exemptions will be granted.

Mr Joyce has previously indicated that the airline may make vaccinations compulsory for passengers as well. Canada's government recently introduced legislation that will ban passengers from air travel in that country unless they are vaccinated. Some cruise lines in the US are also only allowing vaccinated passengers on board.

Several companies in the travel sector are also introducing vaccination incentive schemes, including Qantas rival Virgin Australia, which plans to launch a frequent flyer points giveaway once all Australian adults are eligible for vaccination.

Travel company Luxury Escapes is giving away $200 million worth of $200 discount vouchers for its holiday packages.

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