In swing ... dodging the sand traps on a Millbrook fairway.

Tees and truffles

Against mountain backdrops, Daniel Fallon discovers the fairways, bunkers and food of the South Island.

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Remote and refined ... guide Dick Watson in the Rees Valley.

A whiff of adventure

Diane Armstrong finds tall tales, Middle-Earth beauty and remote luxury on the South Island.

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Otago Peninsula, New Zealand Driving along low-lying Portobello Road, waves lapping at the car tyres, you really feel ...

Your questions

My husband and I are planning a trip to New Zealand for three or four weeks. Any ideas for a suitable itinerary to get the most out of our trip?

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Oishii-Go, lounge bar in Silverski Lodge, Falls Creek

Toddies and tabletops

From a quiet drink to late-night dancing, there's apres action to go around, writes Rachael Oakes-Ash.

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Winter festival

Be an extreme sport in Queenstown

Annual winter festival offers the opportunity to combine 'regular' snow activities. Thrills and spill inevitably follow. Craig Platt reports.

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