Remote control tourists to lure visitors to Victoria

Tourism Victoria is taking the world by storm with its $3.6 million "remote control" campaign that was launched on Wednesday.

The campaign has been seen in every continent, except Antarctica, and involves four "remote-control tourists," with video cameras who are at the beck and call of social media users on Twitter and Facebook.

The social media users can deploy the cameras to Melbourne's inner-city tourism drawcards such as laneways, bars and cafes. They can tell the remote-control tourists where to go, what to taste and what to experience.

Footage is being streamed to tablets, mobiles and laptops live on

Up until Friday morning there had been 28,800 seconds of live streaming and social media users from 122 countries and 1823 cities had interacted with the campaign.

A spokesman said 1177 tweets had been acted upon by the remote-control tourists during the first two days.
Celebrities such Goyte, Guy Rossi, Chrissie Swan, Rebecca Judd and Karen Martini have also been involved via Twitter, by blogging about the campaign or appearing on video.

More than 100 people are working on the live stream that will end on Sunday.

In the first two days, the remote-control tourists have had 21 coffees, 71 high-fives, handshakes and hugs, 28 selfies, 14 desserts, two kung fu lessons, one busking session and have travelled a combined 50 kilometres.

The "go before you go" campaign allows potential tourists to Melbourne to see the city before they visit.
Its objective is to attract the interest of digital-savvy young "opinion leaders" in key interstate markets such as Sydney to take a holiday in the Victorian capital renowned for its culture, coffee and cool.

It follows Tourism Victoria's highly successful Jigsaw campaign that was launched in 1993 and is claimed to be the world's longest-running tourism campaign.

"This world-first campaign is all about giving people new reasons to come and visit the latest and greatest our city has to offer by introducing it them virtually first," said Louise Asher, Victoria's Minister for Tourism and Major Events, at the launch of the campaign on Wednesday.

The remote-control tourists are available between 12pm and 8pm.