Richard Branson's Virgin Voyages unveils designs for first cruise ship

 Richard Branson's foray into the cruise industry, Virgin Voyages, has revealed what some of the key spaces on its first ship will look like.

The interior designs and exterior public spaces were illustrated in a series of renderings and were inspired by the brand's design concept - "the Modern Romance of Sailing".

Recruiting some of the world's leading interior design firms for the project, Virgin hopes to utilise each of the company's design strengths to create diversity throughout the ship.

Hoping to redefine what people expect from a cruising holiday, none of the companies have worked with the cruising industry before.

Tom McAlpin, president and chief executive officer for Virgin Voyages, said of the designs "Our design partners together with our internal design team have dreamed up eye-catching, intimate and alluring spaces that we can't wait to see come to life."

Some of the spaces unveiled include Richard's Rooftop, an exclusive, chic outdoor lounge for the ships' suite guests that will feature dichriotic glass that casts rainbow reflections across the outdoor lounge.

Signature nightclub The Manor was inspired by Richard Branson's history in the music industry and his first music studio. The space has been fitted out with details, platforms and corners to make it "somewhere to see and be seen".

The Dock, an outdoor lounge, was designed to mimic chic seaside lounges you'd expect to find in the Hamptons, Ibiza and Bali.

The remaining public spaces and cabins will be revealed throughout the year. The first ship will arrive at Port Miami in 2020 for her inaugural sailing season in the Caribbean, with room for more than 2700 passengers staffed by 1150 crew. Two more ships are on order.

Take a look at the designs in the photo gallery above.

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