beachcomber mauritius paradis

All together now ...

The family holiday was never simple, but back when you packed up the station wagon and headed up or down the coast for the annual trip, it was a lot less complicated.

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Sit back and relax ... Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa.

The new surfer's paradise

Craig Tansley rides high on Samoa's world-class reef breaks without the crowds of Indonesia or Hawaii.

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Samoa buses.

Moses at the wheel

Scott Bevan swaps rush hour for crush hour on island circumnavigations aboard boldly painted buses.

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Descending the ladder into the waters of the To-sua Trench.

Got to love this way of life

Sun, sand, spectacular water and a wonderfully welcoming attitude - Samoa is where nature and culture come together perfectly, writes Flip Byrnes.

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On location ... Gary Cooper's Return to Paradise was filmed in Samoa.

On the rocks Samoan style

Katrina Lobley gets wet with the kids in daylight hours and finds the island's best fiafia come nightful.

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