Sheriden Rhodes

Sheriden Rhodes is a travel writer and photographer who travels the globe with her frequent small flyer, Ella.

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Canberra is more than museums, monuments and MPs.

Nine must-do highlights of Canberra

Picnic on a Swedish boat, swim in an art deco pool or visit a new wine bar dedicated to riesling. Canberra proves its far more than museums and monuments.

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Kangaroo poses at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland.

Australia's ten most popular Instagram posts of 2020

What does a kangaroo enjoying a belly scratch and a moving tribute to our fire fighters emblazoned on Sydney Opera House have in common? They're Australia's most popular Instagram posts this year according to Tourism Australia.

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The Fantauzzo Hotel, Brisbane.

Brisbane's new Art Series Hotel

Staying here you'll to get to know the artist Vincent Fantauzzo through his work and perhaps even get creative yourself.

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