Should you be careful when providing passport details to Airbnb hosts?

Making a recent booking on Airbnb I was asked for a copy of my passport or licence. Despite Airbnb's assurances regarding online security we all know that is not always so. Am I right to be wary? L. Argue, Taylors Arm

The most common reason that Airbnb guests are asked to provide photo ID is when a host requires it.

As a guest you may be staying in someone's home, or in close proximity to their living quarters.

It seems only reasonable that your host should want positive identification, and the reassurance that comes with their guests having provided photo ID. 

Airbnb already has your credit card details but this is no guarantee that the person who comes to the door is the same as the person who made the booking, and Airbnb is only acting to safeguard the person and property of its hosts.

As a frequent user of Airbnb myself I have supplied photo ID.

There is no such thing as totally bulletproof personal data and I'd be more inclined to provide my licence than my passport.

It's not particularly comforting, but your licence details are already digitally stored by the NSW Department of Roads and Maritime Services and available to the police and possibly other government agencies, and there is no reason to believe it's any more secure with them than it would be with Airbnb. 


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