Singapore border closures: Victorians now allowed into country with rest of Australia

While the rest of Australia keeps its borders closed to Victoria despite low COVID-19 numbers, Singapore has no such concerns.

The south-east Asian city-state has announced that, from November 6, Victorians will join the rest of Australia in being able to enter Singapore without having to quarantine.

Singapore opened its borders to Australians on October 8, but excluded Victorians.

Victorians will be able to apply for an Air Travel Pass from Friday, October 30. Visitors can apply for the pass between seven and 30 days before their intended arrival in Singapore.

Applicants must have remained in Australia for the 14 days before entry and undergo a COVID-19 test upon arrival at Changi Airport. Only after obtaining a negative result will they be allowed to freely roam Singapore.

Travellers should get their COVID-19 test results in about 12 hours, but it could take up to 48 hours. Visitors must take a taxi or other private transport to their accommodation and remain there until they receive the test result. They must also download Singapore's contact tracing app, TraceTogether, and keep it activated during their stay.

The news comes as Australia's state borders remain shut to Victorians, with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian indicating that her state's border would be unlikely to open before Christmas. On Friday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Pałaszczuk said Victorians would remain restricted from entering her state. Tasmania's government has indicated its border may open to Victorians in early December.

And despite Singapore being happy to allow Victorians and other Australians to enter, the Federal Government's ban on Australians leaving the country remains in place.

Border Force will currently only allow Australians to leave in special circumstance, such as moving overseas for a job. However, data shows Border Force is likely to approve applications from Australians who plan to leave the country for at least three months.

Singapore's Civil Aviation Authority, which announced the changed policy towards Victorians, also said that visitors from mainland China would be allowed to visit the country under the same conditions from November 6.

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