Singapore: Swissotel The Stamford's Vitality Rooms designed to adjust your mood and put wellness first

One of the challenges frequent travellers face while on the road is maintaining a routine, especially when you throw jet lag and a foreign environment into the mix. Exercise, nutrition and a good night's sleep often suffer. Yet at the same time travellers yearn for wellbeing and want to return from their travels feeling good rather than exhausted and giving the bathroom scales a wide berth.

Cue the new Swissotel Vitality Room. The Swiss hotel brand has launched a cutting-edge hotel room designed to make you feel better, first in Zurich and now in Singapore. Aimed at providing a holistic wellness experience, Swissotel The Stamford's six high-tech Vitality Rooms are part of a multimillion-dollar overhaul of the hotel's 1252 guestrooms and suites.

Housed in Singapore's tallest hotel (73 floors), the Vitality Rooms  are part of the exhaustive renovation of the 32-year-old property. Premier and premier harbour view rooms have been rejuvenated while a smart new lobby uses biometric facial recognition technology to provide automated check-in and check-out (staff are on hand to assist with any hiccups).

Three new dining and entertainment concepts have also been unveiled including Bar Rouge (Shanghai's glamorous rooftop nightclub brand), a stylish ground-floor bistro with craft beers and the contemporary SKAI Restaurant and Bar on the 70th floor with phenomenal vistas of the Singapore skyline.

While I'm not usually a fan of large-scale, high-rise hotels, the calm, soothing interiors of a Vitality Room with its neutral palate and hardwood floors win me over – and the view offered by being up so high adds to the experience.

Key features include circadian lighting technology designed to adjust to your mood (a first for the hotel industry), an experience shower and bath (where you can select lighting, scent and water pressure to soothe or revitalise), in-room yoga station as well as a wellness wall which features a cable pull, bars and leather hand weights.

For added motivation, an interactive digital display acts like your own in-house trainer. Guests can select guided workout routines based on length of time and difficulty. Got 15 minutes before you head out for drinks? Opt for a quick, vigorous routine. Want to wind down before bed? Select the stretch routine and the light setting that helps you prepare for sleep.

"Vitality is about feeling well in one's body, and the wellness wall is not just about fitness but about meditation and how to breathe well as well," says Lilian Roten, vice-president Swissotel Hotels and Resorts.

There's also a minibar stocked with organic juices, mineral water and kale and beetroot chips, Purovel amenities made with essential oils distilled by Swiss farmers, a standing-seating work station with ergonomic chair, oversized king-size bed and green mode airconditioning.  A Dyson hairdryer is provided in the room and smart mirrors can be set for day or night.


My favourite aspect of the room is the clever "wake up" bio-adaptive light setting, which sounds like a gimmick but is basically an alarm clock that wakes you up naturally – stimulating sunrise so you wake through the use of light rather than sound. You can also opt to go to sleep to a virtual sunset. The light feature influences the secretion of melatonin in the brain, helping travellers overcome jet-lag or lack of sunlight.

Everything is on hand to make you feel good and I checkout feeling noticeably fresher than I  do from  a typical hotel stay.


Sheriden Rhodes was a guest of Swissotel Hotels and Resorts and Qantas.



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