Snow virgin? 21 reasons why you should hit Thredbo this season


Snow virgin? Here are 21 reasons why you should hit Thredbo this season.

1 Skiing and snowboarding is fun

Even when you're learning and falling over you will still be laughing. Once you get the hang of it and progress in skill level then there is nothing like the feeling of skiing and snowboarding free in the wind down a snow laden mountain. 

2 The whole family can do it

Watching your little tacker learn the ski and snowboard ropes is something you can't replicate. They are quite simply fearless and once the whole family can ski then you've got your multi-generational holidays sorted for decades to come. 

3 You'll meet new friends

In the chairlift line, in your class at ski school, your instructor, the crew at the bar in the lodge. Pretty soon you will be on first name basis and bonding over a shared love of throwing yourself down a mountain. Once you ski then you have friends around the world for life. 

4 Everything you need for a holiday is right there

Unpack your bags and walk or ski to the chairlift, it's that close. Meander to the après bar, take in a yoga class, grab a massage, dine on Italian, French, American and local fare, drop the kids off at ski school or day care, go tobogganing, watch some fireworks, ski under night lights. That's life in a ski town.

5 You can take your new skills around the world

Invest time in learning to ski close to home and then take those skills north of the equator and ski or snowboard some more. Aspen, Telluride, Snowbird, Jackson Hole, Niseko, St Anton now all open up as potential holiday destinations.

6 It keeps you fit

You burn around 250 calories per half hour of skiing. The lifts are open eight hours a day. Just saying.

7 You'll live longer

Fit people live longer. See above.


8 If you don't go now, you'll be another year older when you do

Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? Once you take it up you will wonder why you never did before.

9 Because it's snow, in Australia

Tell people overseas that you ski in Australia and watch them shake their head in disbelief. In a land known for beaches and desert it is a true novelty to ski amongst the snow gums, the only tree of its kind in the world.

10 You'll understand the Winter Olympics in 2018 a whole lot better

Torah Bright rides in Thredbo and Scotty James, Britt Cox and Alex Chumpy Pullin all ski and snowboard in Australia. These they are names you will want to know come February 2018 when the Korea Winter Olympics start. Once you've skied or snowboarded you will have a whole new appreciation for Australia's Winter Olympians.

11 Skiing is made for social media

All that faux fur, dark glasses, snow angels, stacks and crashes, powder beards and champagne bubbles just spells Instagram.

12 Your friends will envy you

See #11.

13 Hot chocolate

There are some things that just taste better at the snow. Hot chocolate is one. Mulled wine is another. 

14 Hot tubs

Hot tubs were built for cold climates and snow, lots of snow. Soothe those well used ski muscles, pop open some bubbly and soak under a clear alpine sky.

15 Fresh air

Urban smog or mountain air? Is that really a question?

16 Mountain fashion

Christmas sweaters, shearling coats, faux fur lined aviator hats, Moonboots. They all need snow to look good.

17 Celebrity spotting

Emma Freedman, Tim Bailey, Joel Parkinson, Torah Bright, Kerry Anne Kennerley, Luke Jacobz and Rachael Finch are just a handful of the celebrities regularly spotted on the slopes of Thredbo.

18 Open fires

Sure beats the three bar electric heater back home.

19 You'll sleep well

Mountain air plus exercise equals zzz's.

20 It's romantic

Open fires, mulled wine, blanket throws, fondue dining. Skiing and snowboarding just may bring you closer together or if you're single, meet a hot prospect over an après schnapps.

21 It's addictive

Powder hounds know and once you go, you'll know too.

Thredbo is Australia's premier ski resort. So if you're convinced by the these 21 reasons why snow holiday is a must…check them out

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