Hand mixing kimchi (spicy cabbage).

Just add kimchi

In a whirlwind introduction to Seoul food, Stephen Phelan is warmed by barbecues and the chilli-fuelled national dish.

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Korean AirEconomy Class

Flight test: Korean Air

The wisdom of seat-back touchscreens is in question when you're getting poked in the back of the head.

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Hot pot ... (from top) a plate of meh-un dak galbi; Chuncheon Dak Galbi restaurant.

Flame of desire

Stephen Phelan gets stuck into spicy grilled chicken in Seoul.

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Feel like a heel? Shoe shopping in Seoul

Hot to shop: Seoul

It's a game of hide and seek, and you shall find, in a labyrinth of old markets and modern malls, writes Belinda Jackson.

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Stark reminders ... bronze statues at the war memorial.

Marching into no-man's land

The strip of land between North and South Korea is a sensitive as ever but John Burfitt discovers it's not all machine guns and barbed wire.

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