South West Rocks - Fast Facts

South West Rocks (including Hat Head National Park, Arakoon and Trial Bay)
Sleepy coastal town which is a well kept secret. A delightful holiday retreat.
Located 463 km north of Sydney, South West Rocks is one of those coastal towns which is often by-passed by holidaymakers. In fact it is one of the quietest and most attractive towns on the Mid North Coast. It is a true hideaway with some notable television personalities using it as their getaway because no one pays much attention to them and they can relax without being 'noticed' by holidaymakers.

Located in Ocean Drive (you can't miss it as you approach the centre of town) is the old Boatman's Cottage which operates as the local Tourist Information Office from 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. The Cottage is also a museum with an interesting display of the maritime history of the local region. In the grounds is the small 'Macleay', the Macleay River's first powered pilot boat.