Southwest Airline pilot and flight attendant take off Top Gun style from Houston Airport

A Southwest Airlines pilot and flight attendant are gaining fans, and critics, around the world with their Top Gun-style takeoff from Houston Airport.

A passenger's video shows the plane barrelling down the runway as Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone plays over the PA system.

The flight attendant can be heard quoting lines from the 1986 action drama film starring Tom Cruise as Maverick, a navy pilot.

"Relive those navy days captain," says the flight attendant, playing the role of Goose, Maverick's Radar Intercept Officer.

"You gotta get up there, Mav. They're moving in for a shot." he adds, as the video pans to the plane speeding down the runway.

"Ok, ready Maverick? Do a barrel roll. No I'm just kidding, we're not going to do that to you guys." the flight attendant quips.

Tom Cruise as Maverick and Anthony Edwards as Goose in the 1986 blockbuster Top Gun.

The video, posted to Youtube, has already gained over 188,000 views.

One viewer commented: "Why doesn't this ever happen when I fly? I hate flying and need some humour to lighten things up."

"This should be mandatory on every flight" writes another viewer.

Not all views were positive though, with some readers questioning the safety of the act: "Entertaining, but not the best decision, a critical phase of flight."