Spain, Majorca: Debauched hotspot Magaluf to become 'mature resort'

Better known for raucous bar crawls, cheaper-than-water vodka shots and drunken brawling, tourism officials in the Majorcan resort are introducing new curbs on antisocial behaviour and an overhaul of hotels in the hope of attracting a more sensible, upmarket crowd.

After a year of headlines relating to tawdry incidents of alcohol-fuelled debauchery, they have been working on ways to clean up Magaluf's reputation.

Popular for the last two decades with hedonistic young travellers, it was here last summer that an 18-year-old girl was filmed performing sex acts on a series of men, part of a craze known as "mamading", where girls are encouraged to engage in lewd acts for free drinks.

The local government said that such behaviour will not be tolerated and is looking to introduce a number of bylaws to "raise standards". It has also now said it wants to "develop mature areas" in the resort.

It has asked all tourist accommodation owners in Magaluf to present a modernisation plan within six months to adapt hotels and apartments to new hotel rating specifications.

This will compliment new investment in Magaluf, which has seen more than 100m euros invested in the renovation and upgrade of several hotels in Magaluf, with 200m euros still to come. The boulevard that connects the beachfront streets is also being pedestrianized ahead of the next tourist season.

Anti-social hotspots in Punta Ballena (where the majority of bars are) will be inspected by police more regularly, occasionally joined by British police officers. There will also be an increased presence of the Spanish Civil Guard and a new "best practice" code of conduct developed for businesses.

A new bylaw will be passed by the council that will forbid the consumption of alcohol in the streets and other antisocial behaviour which could include a ban on pub crawls.

Annie Bennett, our Majorca expert said that the measures were definitely a step in the right direction but she suggested that "it will take at least a couple of years and strictly-enforced legislation to sort out the mayhem on Punta Ballena."

She added that she was more optimistic about the upmarket hotel development in the Calvia Beach Resort in the Magaluf area, however, "which is already creating a more modern destination with a totally different image."

The Telegraph, London