'Stinky feet': Four-year-old Rodney Small calls out barefoot woman on plane in hilarious video

A four-year-old on a flight from Walt Disney World in Florida, US has become an unlikely hero to world-weary travellers everywhere.

Rodney Small was travelling with his dad from the theme park to their home in Houston, Texas when his seat was partially invaded.

"There's stinky feet behind me," exclaimed the boy in a video recorded by his father Darryl as a barefoot appeared by him.

"It's a lady," added Rodney.

The video has since been featured on TV networks all over the US.

Much to the amusement of his dad, Rodney tackles the offender.

"Why does somebody have … feet behind me? Why do you have your feet behind me?"

Darryl Small says his son doesn't have much of a filter.


"I wasn't offended at all but his reaction just caught me by surprise and ended up being the highlight of our trip," he told Good Morning America.

The good news? Well, the "lady" apologised and put her shoes back on.

Small also apologised to the lady for his son.

"PS... to the lady behind us... again I apologise," Darryl Small said in the post.

But let's be honest, she earned her talking-to from the young man.

Following the video's coverage, Rodney set up an Instagram account which already has already amassed more than 1500 followers.


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